small drawing“What do you do exactly?  Are you like a designer?”

Nope. I’m not a website designer.  In fact, I’m not an anything designer, I can’t draw, and have really bad handwriting.  But if your project needs a designer or graphic artist, I can recommend several to you.

Think of me as a “consumer communication specialist” meets “business coach.”

  • I help you capture your point of difference
  • I help you get your message across online or in print
  • I suggest content to add to your site that will bring you new customers
  • Need help with campaign execution? I do that too.

I hate to label myself as a consultant.  I don’t want clients to expect me to have all the answers.  But I am a good sounding board, I keep the consumer in perspective, and can coach your thoughts and ideas into concepts that will help your business grow.

I’m a great cheerleader too, you get all the credit!

I have a varied background and can help you set up and run your marketing plan essentials:

  • Email marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Social media
  • Web analytics
  • On-page SEO content
  • Paid search
  • Power point presentations
  • Sales and marketing material, brochures, loyalty cards
  • Website creation with platforms like WordPress, GoDaddy, Vistaprint

Read colleagues and previous clients comments about Gail’s work.



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