About Gail

gail murrayGail Paxson Murray

After receiving a BS in Marketing with a minor in French (West Chester University/ School of Business and Public Affairs) Gail started her early career in the cosmetics industry.

She spent nearly 20 years working for Yves Rocher, a French skin care company and direct merchant of all things beauty. As marketing director for US and Canadian customer loyalty, Gail developed an expertise in classic direct mail, A/B testing, consumer copy writing and promotional incentives.

With the shift in technology towards the web, she ultimately led the company to modernize its website, and was the project manager for their e-commerce renovation.

Gail was fanatical about putting the consumer before pixel politics, and became a pioneer in online selling techniques, web analytics, merchandising and email marketing.

Today, she continues to help companies from various industries develop their websites in order to cultivate new clients, engage existing clients and drive overall success.  In addition to working with several local professionals within the real estate industry, she is a Client Manager and Consumer Guru at Salon Guru, a group of highly-skilled people with the experience and knowledge needed to create the best salon websites and marketing in the world.

Meet the Gurus

Gail is married with two teenage children. In her spare time, she enjoys home improvement projects and recently started a blog to showcase her before and after pictures.

She enjoys DIY remodeling projects, and has a blog to show off before and after pictures to her family and friends:


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