Figures, we sold a little over a year ago when inventory was pretty deep. By the way, KW in Exton did a great job for us!


Believe it or not in several parts of Chester County, PA, it is becoming more of a sellers market in real estate. What a difference from just a year or two ago. Bidding wars are back and that have to get there soon feeling when a “good one” hits the market is back to stress buyers’ agents out! I recently put a home on the market and got people yelling at me on the phone when I cancelled the open house because we were already under contract in less than a week. You may wonder why the change? The reason is simple- the inventory which is the number of homes available for sale has seriously declined.. there are a lot of buyers who want to take advantage of the low interest rates but not much to show them. This same time last year Chester County as a whole had approximately a…

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