Well said. As I’ve recently dusted off my Twitter accounts, I see two practical uses emerging for me. Primarily as a B2B tool, as a means to share information or research topics of interest. The other use is strictly personal…if I want to maintain a relationship with our two teenagers, we have to tweet, retweet and covertly see what they’re tweeting about!

Social Media, etc.

A Pew Survey just came out saying that while 67% of the internet using population use Facebook only 16% use Twitter. What’s so striking about this is that I have had several conversations over the past year in which people swear to me that Facebook is already totally passé. These people uniformly are in the “Brands” segment of social media and it is true that for Brands, Twitter does work better than Facebook. Unfortunately, the public does not seem to be complying with this logic and are sticking to Facebook. So we face a conundrum- we have a tool with tremendous potential to build both brands and communities that suffers from a major lack of users.


I’ve found that many people simply don’t understand Twitter. I can say this from personal experience. I signed up for an account in December 2009 but it sat dormant until June…

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