Marketing Specialist

Gail Murray, Direct Marketing Professional…

Gail Paxson Murray marketing specialist

25 years experience in Web and Print marketing for consumer goods and services, from small local business to international brands.

  • Highly adaptable marketing leader with a capacity to manage business, manage teams, and direct complex projects.
  • Customer oriented, results driven.
  • Proven track record of key decision-making to drive sales and profitability.
  • Able to turn analytics into actionable ideas to improve marketing.
  • Able to build, mentor and retain top-performing staff.
  • Experience with sourcing service providers, launching and revamping websites, copy writing, paid search programs, email marketing, web analytics, blogs and social media, as well as print and other offline marketing initiatives.

Or “Quirky Marketing Professional?”

This “WordSmiths Unite” image was created by graphic artist Kristina Burbich when she worked with Gail at Yves Rocher.  Yes, that is actually an inverted two liter bottle of diet coke.  Gail is unapologetic about her addiction, but concedes to be being just a little quirky.

“Finding the perfect words and phrasing can be addicting!  My former colleagues nicknamed me ‘The Wordsmith.’ I have a passion for creating straightforward marketing messages, to communicate key points of difference.  When presented with clear information on the company, their products and services…customers achieve their goals.”   -Gail


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